For many years, I’ve wrestled with my Asthma, to the point that I thought it was something that only happened when I caught a cold or the flu. But recently, I figured out that I also have Sickle Cell Anemia non-crisis. Which mean I have the Sickle Cell trait, but I don’t feel all the symptoms like someone who is in crisis. After learning about this, I decided to do my best to eat right. The funny part of this, my mind is a mighty organ, reason being is that I find myself telling myself that I am going to get my sexy on and get the six-pack and the v. Though I end up eating a couple of biscuits and fries…But my last doctors’ visit gave me a rude awakening. One, I am not a fresh young hen anymore, and two, that I need to take my health seriously.

So I tried being a Vegan. That lasted one day. Then I tried Vegetarian, yeah, that continued a week – then I tried to be a Pescatarian, and that lasted one hour until I got a chicken sandwich with Mac sauce from McDonald’s. I knew I had to make a change and decided to alter my meals daily that have more raw fruits and vegetables and include one detox day to help flush my colon, and other impurities.

I call it “Green Day,” which is a day (Monday) which all I do is eat and drink green. I start off with Green Tea and end with Green Tea with green fruits and vegetables in-between.

Since doing this, I have found myself to have more energy and clearer skin.

The following is my “Green Day Green Detox Routine”


Cup of Matcha Green Tea with stevia
Power Green Drink
Green Apple and Green Grapes
24 oz of Water

Morning Snack
Green Applesauce (low sugar)
8 oz of water

Green Salad with Spinach, Kale, Arugula, and Water Crest with Pecan and light Avocado dressing
24 oz Water

Afternoon snack
Guacamole with celery sticks
8 oz of water

Kale, Cabbage, and Collard Greens Stew
24 oz water

Night Snack
Green Tea and Green Grapes