I know what you’re thinking, Taco Lasagna, really? I know it seems like something you wouldn’t normally think to put together, but when I say its, oh-so-delicious and filling, it will be your new favorite dish.

In need of something with a Mexican-inspired flavor, this Taco Lasagna will fit the

Kaelouz - Taco Lasagna

bill. Chile, this left us SOOO full, we could barely move! How to make this Taco Lasagna will only take simple ingredients and the prep time is only 10 minutes. It’s a fiesta for two or more!

Now, with full transparency, I did not come up with this idea or make it. My husbear, EJ, got this idea and we so happen to have all the ingredients in our home plus more! This dish is definitely for a hungry guy that needs to be filled. That’s why I am coining this A Hungry Man’s Meal!

The Hungry Man’s Meal Series is a new series of posts that I will sprinkle in for anyone that had a man with a BIG appetite.  As the inaugural post for this new series, I will be accepting requests or ideas for more quick meals for all the hungry men in our lives!

Submit ideas below!



Prep time 15 minutes
Bake covered for 30-40 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Serving 6 to 8 people based on your serving style


Kaelouz - Taco Lasagna


Soft 6-inch Tortillas
Ground Beef
Taco Seasoning
Salt and Pepper
Bell Peppers
Refried Beans
Heavy Cream
Mild Cheddar, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, & Butter
Cajun Seasoning
Sour Cream
Red Pepper Flakes



-Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

-Brown meat and drain grease, season meat to taste.

-To make cheese sauce bring heavy cream and butter to a boil and slowly add cheese until thickens.

-Add Cajun season to spice.

-With red onion green pepper tomatoes and cilantro dice up to make pico and season to taste.

-In aluminum pan layer tortilla, meat, cheese, pico, and continue for 3-4 layers on the top finish with the last of the meat pico cheese and bake in oven for 30-40 minutes on 350 degrees once finish let cool down and top with sour cream and diced scallions.