About Kae

Welcome to KaeLouz

Hey Chile! I’m Kae, a food-lovin’, 90’s music-dancing, DIY’er, lifestyle blogger, and event planner – among other things! Kaelouz.com is where I let all my creative expressions flow, and I share with you all. I believe in catering a memory while serving an experience you will never forget.

With a background in business, education, and non-profit, I needed an outlet to let my creative side play! KaeLouz was inspired by my passion for cooking, hospitality, new experiences, and being a Jamaican-American.

My Caribbean roots and upbringing are channeled in everything I do – which I like to believe can bring a little spice to my life, and now to yours. I dedicate KaeLouz.com to my late grandmother Varalda “Gracie” Cammock who without her there wouldn’t be a Kae… I mean seriously, if she didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have been born, LOL!

“Do what you love without regret”

I cover a wide range of tips, tricks, and techniques that make life well-seasoned and spicy. From the kitchen to a weekly glow-up session, I’ll divulge some personal occurrences in our chit-chats, and of course my how-to guide to being the best host.

Join me on this fantastic journey as I share with you some of my personal experiences, cooking tips that will make think twice about eating out and share with you some ideas on how to enhance your beauty without breaking the bank. Also, ideas and tricks to put together small gatherings and gift giving for special occasions.

Love, Kae.