I found this treasure chest at a thrift store back in 2016, and I was drawn to it by its rustic look and very distinctive qualities. It was made of wood and had brass accent points. However, when I had this chest, it was during a difficult time of my life. I was transitioning out of a situation that we will talk about in another blog, and I threw out a lot of items except for this treasure chest.


I kept this treasure chest as a reminder of the beauties that can be found in a place when you’re genuinely not looking. It still reminds me of that situation, so I decided to revamp this chest and bring it back to life – with new meanings and feelings attached.

First I took the draw out and ducked tape over the four brasses and primed the box itself and allowed it to dry. I then unscrewed the handle and primed the draw.

Once dried I went back and painted the treasure chest in a glossy pearl white color. Going a clean and modern look, I took the brass pieces and painted that each gold to bring out the white.

Now it looked brand new and refreshed, bringing a bright focal point in our guest bedroom and cost under 30 dollars to do.